Logo Babadbali.com yang baru

Logo redesign: Babadbali.com

Babadbali.com is a website owned and managed by my father, Mr. Donny Harimurti. The website is quite old actually, more than 16 years old. Impressive isn’t it? Babadbali.com is a website aimed to preserved Balinese cultural and -since it’s inseparable- Balinese Hindu knowledge. It gains a lot of good reputation since it contains a lot, and by a lot I mean an effing lot, content about Bali. Mainly it’s in Bahasa Indonesia because the contents are dedicated especially to Balinese people who had thirst and curiosity about their own culture but didn’t know where to ask.

But the design and the content are quite old frankly. Hence it necessarily needs a redesign. And now the torch has given to me. I will try my best to continue the journey of preserving the Balinese culture on the internet.

As the first step, I looked at the Babadbali.com old logo.

logo babadbali.com lama

You can see the main problem here. It’s in very low resolution and very jaggy. So I tried to trace and redraw it first into a vector format.


I thought it will be good if I gave it a little bit of thin and thick line touch so that it would look like it was drawn by a brush.

Logo redesign: Babadbali.com

I’m started to think that it was looking quite good here. So the old design was actually cool if done with correct technique. I can see where my father got his inspiration for this logo. If you’re familiar with Balinese script this logo had a feel of it while still written in Latin word. So I was thinking, why stopped here? I opened my version of Balinese font that I draw myself. It’s called Aksara Bali BG font.

aksara bali BG

I picked the ‘Ba’ letter.

aksara Bali BG Ba

If you tilt your head 90° to the left. You can see that the letter ‘Ba’ in Aksara Bali BG almost looked like the letter B in latin. So I’m trying this.

redesign Ba Aksara Bali BG to latin B

Then, this happened:

Logo Babadbali.com yang baru


What do you think?

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