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Hello my name is Dendy Narendra. I was born and raised in Denpasar, Bali, so I considered myself a Balinese, even though I have Javanese blood from my father. Since 2008, along with all members of my family, I become a proud (Balinese) Hindu. Because of Kejawen root from my father, I became enthusiastic when discussing topics about my religion, local culture, and Nusantara. But still I considered myself still have a lot to learn when it comes to it. I am the youngest of two.

I finished my study from IF ITB (Informatics Engineering major at Bandung Institute of Technology) at September of 2008. At October 2008, a group of friends asked me to work at their start-up company. That became my first work experience, which is in Sangkuriang Studio (later became PT Sangkuriang International) as a web programmer. I spent three years working there occupying various position and function. Started as a Web Programmer, I earned my way becoming a Project Leader before promoted into Project Manager position. And finally appointed as a Chief Operating Officer. Meanwhile between those times, I also had a role as a technical marketing officer, an account manager, and a system analyst. But at October 2011 I resigned to pursue my other dream, having my own start-up company. So now here I am in my hometown again after more than seven years living in Bandung.


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